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Istanbul - Bursa

Explore the beauty of Bursa with our day tour from Istanbul, offering a full day of enchanting experiences.
Discover Green Bursa, a city known for its gardens, parks, and lush forests, making it a popular destination in Turkey. As the fourth-largest city in terms of population, Bursa boasts a rich history as the first capital of the Ottomans, known as (Khudaundkar), meaning God’s gift.

Our Bursa day tour from Istanbul ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey to our customers. We provide private cars for VIP trips and modern vehicles for group tours, all at affordable prices.

Distance from Istanbul to Bursa:
Bursa is located 250 kilometers away from Istanbul, approximately a two-and-a-half-hour drive. To enhance your experience, we offer a ferry option, reducing travel time to just an hour and a half.

Details of the Bursa Tour From Istanbul:

1️⃣ We pick you up from your hotel in Istanbul at any time

2️⃣ We are going to Yalova by ferry from the Sea of ​​Marmara

3️⃣ You have 2 hours of free time for shopping (Ulu Mosque) in the city center of Bursa.

4️⃣ You go up and down Uludag by cable car. Note: If you want to go to Uludağ by car, extra

5️⃣ You can drink your coffee under the 600-year-old Uludağ plane tree.

6️⃣ We are on the way back to return to your hotel in İstanbul

Explore historical landmarks, including the covered market, silk market, and the famous Green Mosque. Visit Uludag Mountain, enjoy a cable car ride, and marvel at the historical tree in the village of Inkaya.

Services Included in the Price.

New model VIP private car with air conditioning

Experienced driver you can communicate with

Fuel cost of the car

Ferry toll

Water in the vehicle

We only serve you with special cars.

Mercedes Vito (2-6 people), Mercedes Sprinter (7-16 people), Mersedes Sprinter Long (19 people),

Please contact us for the best price offer.

Whasapp Contact Number: +90 501 124 00 92

Other Highlights:

Honey Bee Farms: Experience the world of bees and taste pure Turkish honey.
Halkoum Factory: Explore various sweet options, including pomegranate Halkoum and pistachio Halkoum.
Shopping: Visit the largest malls for international brands and Turkish products.
Included in the Bursa Tour From Istanbul:

Transportation in modern, comfortable buses.
Bilingual guide (Arabic, Turkish, English).
Ferry fees to Istanbul.
Cable car ride.
Lunch at the top of Uludag Mountain.

The Most Important and Beautiful Places To visit in Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Here we list you the most visited places during day tour to Bursa from Istanbul. We're here to make it easy for you to find the coolest places to visit in Bursa. We'll help you understand what makes each spot special so that you have a fun and memorable time exploring this beautiful city.

Green Mosque

In addition to its picturesque nature, the city of Bursa is famous for its attractive historical landmarks, which are considered one of the most important pillars of tourism there. One of the most important of these historical landmarks is the Green Mosque, one of the most important and most beautiful historical tourist attractions in Bursa due to the great historical role it represents, as it is a symbol of unity and strength in the Ottoman era, as well as The ancient art that it reflects, it was founded by Sultan Mehmed I after he succeeded in rebuilding the state after an 11-year disintegration,

This makes it the third Sultan Mosque in Bursa. It is also known as the Sultan Mehmet Celebi Mosque. The mosque is also distinguished by its exquisite Ottoman architecture, which combines the prevailing art of that period with exquisite decorative art. From the outside, it tends to the green color from its windows to all its gates, and from the inside we see many distinctive decorations that are very beautiful, but not Geometric and even floral decoration, which increases the decorativeness of the internal writings and drawings.

The mosque is surmounted by two large domes and a door dome, in addition to two minarets that appear at first glance to be separated from the mosque, because they were built after the mosque was built. What distinguishes them is the Baroque architectural art that was widespread in Europe at that period, but decorated with Ottoman Arabic decoration, which makes it an architectural masterpiece in itself.

The Green Mosque, or Yesil Mosque, is approximately 600 years old. It was built on the orders of Sultan Mehmed I. This mosque was built and is distinguished by the Ottoman style and its unique, wonderful colors. There is a courtyard with many colorful trees and flowers, and a mihrab made of wonderful marble.

The covered market and silk market in Bursa

It is located behind the Grand Mosque of Bursa, as it is considered one of the most important markets in Bursa, where the tourist finds a popular and social record, a haven for simplicity, and an intimate remembrance of the city’s ancient past.

Everything that comes to mind is available in it, as it contains shops selling clothes in addition to the presence of many other activities, such as shops Gold, accessories stores, and various souvenirs, such as handmade textiles and souvenirs that indicate the city’s civilization. The Silk Market is considered one of the most famous markets in the city. It has been known as the City of Silk since ancient times, and Koza Khan is considered one of the most prominent silk markets and the most important tourist places in the city.

It is considered one of the largest and oldest markets in the city of Bursa and in the entire cities of Western Anatolia, as it dates back to before the founding of the Ottoman Empire, and there are a large number of commercial shops that sell original silk, cotton clothes, handicrafts, and other products.

Uludag Mountain

It is located south of the city of Bursa, and its height exceeds 2,000 meters above sea level. It is colored white with snow in the winter, which is the best opportunity to practice winter sports, and international Olympic skiing competitions are held on it, and with the color of dense green trees in the summer, where camping trips are held in its forests. . You can also enjoy riding the longest cable car in the world that connects its peaks.

Mount Uludag is considered one of the famous historical landmarks in the city of Bursa, especially in the winter, as it is covered with snow most days of the year. Therefore, the mountain is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey, as it is reached by riding the cable car. It is one of the giant projects in the city, as thousands of tourists use it when they visit the city. In order to climb the mountain, which is considered the most important tourist place that characterizes Bursa trips.

Cable car ride in Bursa excursion

We will head to the top of the mountain to go down by cable car, where on our trip to Bursa we will go down the longest cable car to see the entire city, and ride the cable car from its first stop in the cable car area, and enjoy the wonderful view of the green city of Bursa and the sea and take the most beautiful souvenir photos. There are activities at the top of the mountain that you can do, such as Snowboarding and riding snowmobiles in the winter can be done with these activities.

Historical tree
This pine tree, which is located in the village of Inkaya, is one of the largest perennial trees. It is located at the beginning of Mount Uludag and is only ten minutes away from the center of Bursa by car. It is a huge tree and the age of the tree, as written on it, is 600 years, so this tree has become a symbol. A famous symbol of the city of Bursa.

Under the tree there is a beautiful café with a wonderful view of the city, and nearby there are some shops selling tickets and antiques. Its trunk diameter reaches 18.5 metres,
and its height reaches 35 metres. The historic tree in Bursa is surrounded by a café and restaurant that is distinguished by its wonderful atmosphere and panoramic view of the city of Bursa.

Visitors are served daily with a traditional local breakfast rich in delicious vegetables, cheeses, dairy, jams and other fresh local items. The place also has many open-air shops selling antiques, souvenirs, clothes, hand-made woolen scarves, etc., which will create a wonderful memory in your memory.

It is a historical tree that reaches 600 years old, as it was planted in this place by the tenth Ottoman Sultan, Salman the Magnificent. The tree extends over a large area and has a huge number of large branches. The tree is located at the foot of Mount Uludag in a beautiful rural village, and its surroundings are spread around small and popular shops.

Honey bees
It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bursa, because these apiaries offer visitors a unique and distinctive trip through which they can learn about the interesting and distinctive world of bees, in addition to providing them with many types of pure and distinctive Turkish honey, which is famous for its medicinal and therapeutic properties that increase the desire for honey. Buy it in bulk.

The honey bees in Bursa are located in the countryside and on the mountaintops, and these apiaries differ from each other according to the types of honey they produce.

Bursa alone produces more than 4 types of honey, including chestnut flower honey, which is considered the most famous in the city. This is because Bursa has the largest chestnut farms in Turkey, which makes it the ideal place to get chestnut candy or chestnut honey.

The region is also famous for its famous pine honey, which is known for its medicinal properties that greatly benefit the respiratory system and asthma patients, in addition to its benefits in helping patients suffering from arthritis (rheumatism). There is also flower honey, acacia honey, and mountain flower honey, and each one of these The species has many medicinal and therapeutic properties.

The honey bees are located in a picturesque mountainous environment full of lush nature. Bursa, with its stunning natural beauty, urban lands and majestic mountains, makes this nature best exploited to be a source of new benefits, which are the honey bees in Bursa, and provides you with the opportunity to visit the natural honey bees in Bursa, as it is located in the Kastna area, which It includes apiaries of all types of natural honey.

Halkoum honey factory in Bursa
The Halkoum Factory in Bursa offers many types of sweets, including pomegranate Halkoum, pistachio Halkoum, and many, many other types that make you really want to visit this factory periodically. Today, the Halkoum Factory in Bursa is one of the places visited by a large number of people and tourists annually.

Not only to taste and buy this distinctive sweet, but also to learn more about it. It also offers you many other types of sweets, such as the famous chestnut candy, cotton candy, as well as Turkish baklava. The Turkish delight factories in Bursa have proven their competence in manufacturing pomegranate delight, pistachio delight, and others.

The most important lokum factories that the green city of Bursa is famous for, so we provide you with the opportunity to learn how it is made, the delicious popular dessert, and to enter its factory and watch it in the first stages of its manufacture. There are different types of lokum, some of which are made from honey, pomegranates, cocoa, and many others. Some of them include various or plain nuts.

Shopping in the largest malls on your Bursa trip
We visit the largest shopping malls in Bursa, where there are large stores for the largest international and modern brands that suit adults and children. You will find all sizes and special sizes. It is also characterized by the elegance of its design and sophistication. It provides visitors with the opportunity to obtain the best clothes, accessories, decorations and perfumes and includes many international and Turkish brands, in addition. To many famous restaurants and cafes.

Booking and Pricing for Bursa Tour From Istanbul:

Book the Bursa trip 24 hours in advance with your name, hotel details, number of people, room number, and trip date. Payment can be made in advance or on the day of the trip.

Explore Bursa's charm in a day, discovering its historical landmarks, nature, and delightful experiences with Interlet Travel Tours.

We only serve you with special cars.

Mercedes Vito (2-6 people), Mercedes Sprinter (7-16 people), Mersedes Sprinter Long (19 people),

Please contact us for the best price offer.

Whasapp Contact Number: +90 501 124 00 92

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