Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

€ 60.00 Starting From / PP € 50.00
Eminonu / Istanbul / Turkey
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Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

On a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus, you can admire the magic of Istanbul from the sea at night, while enjoying a unique evening filled with various live entertainment on board.

While you eat, you can glide along the sparkling Bosphorus, dance with the lights of the night by passing the palaces, historical sites and illuminated landmarks of Istanbul such as the Maiden's Tower, Dolmabahçe Palace and the Bosphorus Bridge.

Ship departure time starts around 20:30 and takes approximately 3 hours as standard. Get ready for an evening filled with breathtaking views of the Bosphorus at night, colorful entertainment, delicious food and great photo opportunities.

As every ship is different from each other and service quality also differs. Since the ships are different from each other, the price application is different. It changes according to the season. Generally, the prices on each ship are 50 Euro Non-Alcoholic, 60 Euro Alcoholic per person.


Whirling Dervishes: The night usually starts with Whirling Dervish Performance after the ship sails, immerse yourself in a completely different world. Witness the mystery of this transcendent performance by Sufi practitioners, accompanied by enchanting music.

Turkish Folk Dance: This traditional Turkish dance show delights with Turkish folk music and folk dances from different parts of the country. These are mostly Caucasian Dance, Turkish Sword Dance or Turkish Gypsy Dance.

Belly Dance Show: The prominent feature of the Turkish dinner night show is the belly dancer. Belly dancer will take you to the world of "1001 Nights Tales" with her rhythmic performance. The dancer who wishes can tip the dancer by wearing a coin on his belt while dancing from table to table.

Live DJ Performance: After about 2 hours, when the meal is over, the DJ will set the mood with Turkish pop music. Often, belly dancers join the party and entice the guests to dance.

Dinner Options

Meze: Turkish Meze culture is an important part of Turkish cuisine. Appetizers are small snack-like meals. These starters are usually served cold or hot with fish and raki.

Main Courses: If you decide to go on a ship that offers a menu, you can usually choose between fish, meatballs or chicken. Sometimes there are also steak, vegetarian and seafood options. With the buffet you can choose from a wide variety of dishes to eat.

Salad: Seasonal salad

Dessert: Fresh fruits and Turkish sweets

Soft Drinks: Unlimited soft drinks are offered on some dinner cruises.

Alcoholic beverages: If you choose a dinner cruise with alcoholic beverages, keep in mind that they usually serve local brands. Some cruises even offer unlimited alcoholic beverages.

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