Private Yacht Tour

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2 Hour
Eminonu / Istanbul / Turkey

2 Hour

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2 - 12

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Private Yacht Charter in Istanbul

Would you like to discover more closely the beauty of Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities not only in Turkey but also in the world? Excellent surprises await you with private yacht charter options where you can see the calmness and dazzling beauty of the Bosphorus more closely! You can organize legendary events on luxury yachts, where you can make special gestures to your loved ones, throw parties and organize meals.

You can make your dreams come true with Saw Transfer's private yachts. You can conquer the legendary City of Istanbul from the inside and watch all the beauties of this unique city from the center. We invite you and your loved ones to an experience you have never experienced before with our private yacht charter options. If you want, let's take a look at what you can do by chartering a private yacht in Istanbul.

Luxury, Comfort and Prestige Together

Even though most of us think of vacation and summer when it comes to yacht charter, yachts can be rented in Istanbul every season. You can easily perform this special activity with the yacht types that vary according to the organizations you want to prepare. You will step into a different world with the luxury features of the yachts, comfortable furniture and the prestige of being in the yacht.

Parties, birthdays, business dinners and romantic tours are mostly organized on yachts that can easily host all kinds of activities. Of course, you can plan the activity you want and apply to Saw Transfer to realize the organization you have in mind more easily.

Imagine that you are celebrating the birthday of a family member or best friend you love very much in the middle of the throat. Wouldn't this birthday make it perfect and memorable? If you want to prepare such surprises for your loved ones, you can take advantage of yacht charter options. Sizes you can adjust according to the number of guests, different types of yachts you can choose according to your budget and much more are waiting for you in this prestigious world.

In addition, you can choose yacht tours for private parties, meals, organizations and romantic evenings. Our team, who will prepare a special trip for you, helps you in every way. While you enjoy your night, all you have to do is discover the unique beauties of the Bosphorus.

If you send us an e-mail about your needs, we can prepare our special offer for you immediately.


Whatsapp Number: +90 532 789 79 80

Discover the Most Beautiful Face of Istanbul

Whatever the case, we definitely recommend you to enjoy the view of Istanbul from the Bosphorus. Seeing the beauty of the historical peninsula from the Bosphorus, enjoying your meal while passing by the Maiden's Tower, enjoying the Islands at sunset... You can experience many special moments like this thanks to yacht charter. We assure you, once you see this beauty, you will definitely be amazed and you will be able to enjoy your yacht charter to the fullest.

If you want to get yacht charter service at the most affordable prices you can encounter in the sector, Saw Transfer opens its doors for you. We are trying to provide perfect service to you, our valued customers, with our luxury yachts of different dimensions, comfortable and ready for organizations. If you want to see the wonderful sides of yacht charter and spend happy times with your loved ones, you are at the right address.

discover the beauty of Istanbul and other regions of Turkey with our exclusive private car rental service accompanied by a professional driver. Roam through the vibrant streets of Istanbul, explore historical landmarks, and dive into the rich culture of this mesmerizing city—all at your own pace.

Extend your exploration beyond Istanbul, venturing into other captivating regions of Turkey with the ease and comfort of our rent-a-car service and the expertise of a dedicated driver. Whether you're craving the hustle and bustle of city life or the tranquility of natural landscapes, our comprehensive package ensures a seamless and personalized travel experience.

Uncover the diverse wonders Turkey has to offer, blending the convenience of private transportation with the knowledge and assistance of a skilled driver.

$ 200.00
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